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PSJA Memorial Early College High School

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About PSJA ISD's Early College High Schools

All of PSJA ISD high schools are designated Early College, which makes them innovative high schools that allow students to attend college and high school simultaneously.  Each student has the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and a 2-year Associate Degree or 60 college credit hours towards a four-year Bachelor’s Degree at no cost to the student or the parents. Early College High Schools offer rigorous instruction and provide academic, social and emotional support services to help students succeed. 

Benchmark 1 - School Design

1.6.1 Leadership Team Strategic Priorities-ECHS/IHE Leadership Meeting Agendas

1.6.2 Leadership Team Strategic Priorities-School Board and Board of Regents' Presentations

1.6.3 Leadership Team Strategic-Outlining the Strategic Priorities for the Current Academic Year

1.7.1 Leadership Team

1.8.1 ECHS Staff-ECHS Leader/IHE Liaison Meeting Agendas

1.9.1 ECHS Staff Professional Development-Mentor/Induction Program Plans

1.9.2 ECHS Staff Professional Development-Annual Training or Professional Development for ECHS/IHE

1.9.2 ECHS Staff Professional Development-Annual Training or Professional Development for ECHS/IHE

Benchmark 2 - Partnerships

2.1 Goal of Higher Education Partnerships-MOU/ILA

Benchmark 3 - Target Population

3.2.1 Documenting Enrollment Procedures-Written Admission Policy

3.2.2 Documenting Enrollment Procedures-Written Recruitment Plan

3.3.1 Stakeholder Engagement-ECHS Brochure

3.3.2 Stakeholder Engagement-Written Communication Plan

Benchmark 4 - Academic Infrastructure

4.1 Regional Need

4.3.1 Course Sequence-Crosswalk/Degree Plans

4.3.2 Course Sequence-Master Schedule

4.7.1 College Readiness-TSIA Schedule Test Administration Dates

4.7.2 College Readiness-Aggregate Reports of TSIA Performance

4.7.3 College Readiness-Testing Calendar and Schedule

Benchmark 5 - Student Supports

5.1 Bridge Programs

5.2 Advising

5.3 Student Intervention

5.4 Classroom Supports

5.5 Multi-tiered System of Supports

5.6 Enrichment Opportunities